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Access A Web Page In GNU/Linux Using (Links) [Web Browser in Text Mode]

Links is a text-mode World Wide Web (WWW) browses that can be used to view a web page either via a local (file://) or remote ((http:// or ftp://) URLs.

To get started with Links, install it using the following command

sudo apt install links

Once installed, access a webpage using the following command:

links google.com

If you using it for the first time, you'll see some welcome page:

Links Welcome Page

This is an onboard instruction, so, hit enter and you'll see the webpage you are trying to access, for example, this is how google looks like in a text based terminal:

A webpage loaded

Go ahead and write anything in the Google search box, and use your mouse to click 'Google Search', it ncurse bases, so, you can use your mouse too.

To view the browser menu, you press ESC key, from here you can customize it further, e.g Press the ESC key, go to file, and click URL, it would prompt a box to input a URL:

Goto URL

Prompted URL box

Play with different options, once you are done, press q to quit.

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