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Week 15 (Final Update)

It is crazy how far I have come, it looks like yesterday to me :) I finally mastered the essentials of bash scripting. In week 6 I said I was tired of doing repetitive tasks manually, and I decided to delve into bash scripting, and here we are.

It took me around 2 months to get my head around most of the essentials, and honestly, I only go through bash once or twice a week, imagine I do this 3 - 5 days a week, I would have completed it in a month.

Note, it is not as if I have no knowledge about a programming language, I did this in school, and I also have bundles of notes on a wide array of programming languages; Cobol, Basic, PHP, Fortran, Java, also, the understanding of computer language in general, i.e the types of computer languages, data structure & algorithm and the likes. So, this helped a ton.

How did I learn the essentials quickly?

I did this by reading around 3 to 4 books plus manual documentation on bash scripting, so, wherever one doesn't make sense, I go over to the next one. I am not a fan of learning using video, but I took a course that was created around 1999 or so on Unix scripting (It is an excellent course), this melded everything together, although some stuff mentioned in the video is no longer through, but I go over documentations to correct things myself.

The bread and butter of this week is the program I wrote to Automate the installation of multiple ClassicPress or WordPress sites using Nginx (plus caching), PHP, and MariaDB, I also provided an option to secure the websites using Let's Encrypt, here is a link to the posts and script:

From now on, I would be writing "How To" guides on how to install or configure programs in Linux or a Unix-like O.S, I would include scripts wherever it makes sense. I will do this for a couple of months before starting another journey, I am planning to go deeper into PHP and or Laravel, but that would be for another weekly journey, gracias.

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