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Week 6 Goal (Completed ✔)

One issue I have (which isn't an issue anyway) is if I am learning new stuff, I need to get in and out very fast. If I am finding it hard to understand a certain point, I'll jump straight away to another point, and what I notice when doing this is at the end of the day it all correlates with one another.

So, last week, I added a new Language to my list, which is bash scripting, I decided to delve into bash scripting because I am tired of doing repetitive tasks manually.

So far, I love the language, it is super easy for me to quickly understand easily, and this is due to the fact that I already have a kinda basic understanding of so many languages, from Java to Cobol to Vb, to PHP, etc.

I'll be going in deep with bash scripting, and I'll write every nuance of what and what I learnt along the way. Here are the guides I wrote last week:

Next week would be bash oriented, so, see ya.


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