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  • Getting Started With JavaScript (Introduction)

    This is my first JavaScript guide on this blog, and in this guide, we would go over the introduction of JavaScript, but first… What is JavaScript? JavaScript is a client-side scripting language su

  • Operator in Javascript

    Operators in javascript can either be used for logical expression where you connect two or more expressions and can be a comparison expression where you compare two values. You can also use an operat

  • Exploring Data Types, and Variables in JavaScript

    In JavaScript or any programming language, a data type is an attribute of data that tells the interpreter how the programs intend to use the given data. JavaScript support a couple of data type whic

  • Laravel - Basic Routing & Controllers

    If you haven't read my guide on Creating a Tiny PHP MVC Framework From Scratch then you should do that immediately, the concept of the guide applies to the way things work in Laravel behind the scen

  • Creating a Loader and Remove it After a Specific Time Using JavaScript/CSS/SVG

    In this guide, we would create a loader, and remove it after a specific time using CSS and JavaScript. The icon would be in SVG format, and the rotation would be done in CSS, while the removal after

  • Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript (The ES5 Way)

    In this guide, you'll learn and understand how to create and use Objects in JavaScript (ES5). While ES6 already supports creating classes (which is the way you create objects in Java, PHP, etc), they

  • Working With The Local & Session Storage In JavaScript

    We previously take a deep dive into the Windows Object, Properties, Methods, and even the Document Object itself, in this guide, we would explore working with the local and session storage in JavaScr

  • Guide To Functions In JavaScript

    Functions in JavaScript or any programming languages are modular building blocks for creating powerful and modular scripts, using function makes it easy to isolate a code since it would be packaged u

  • Laravel Blade Templating Engine

    In our last guide, we discussed the basics of Laravel routing and controllers, in this guide, you'll learn how to customize your Laravel views with the Blade templating engine. So far, here is my vie

  • Object Oriented Programming (Classes) in JavaScript (The ES6 Way)

    In the previous guide, we went over the ES5 way of creating objects in JavaScript, In this guide, we would go over using classes to instantiate an object, which is super simple compared to the previo

  • [OOP] Music List Application With JavaScript

    I recently cover creating objects in JavaScript, and as you might have been aware, there are two ways to do this, the prototypal-based approach in ES5, and the newly introduced class-based approach i

  • Conditional Statements and Loops In JavaScript

    Conditional statements in JavaScript alter the program flow, and by using a conditional flow, you can make your program make choices about what should happen based on certain conditions. JavaScript c

  • Laravel - Edit and Delete Data (+ User Authentication)

    In this guide, you'll learn how to edit and delete post data in Laravel, before proceeding you should read the previous guides as this guide would be the continuation, here are the previous guides:

  • Guide To Laravel - Model and Database Migrations

    I don't know if you have read my guide on Creating a Tiny PHP MVC Framework From Scratch where we create a tiny MVC framework in the hope of understanding the concepts of how major frameworks imple

  • To-Do List Application With JavaScript

    In this guide, we would go over creating a to-do list app in JavaScript, where you can Add a to-do list, You can delete an individual item,, You can search or filter an item, You can clear all the items, prevents clearing multiple items by mistake, e

  • [Window Objects, Methods, and Properties In JavaScript]

    The JavaScript window is the global object which is used to control the browser window lifecycle and perform various operations on it. The global variable window usually represents the current brow

  • ES6 Promises in JavaScript

    We discussed about callback functions in our previous guide: AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and Using The XMLHttpRequest API. In this guide, we would look at promises in JavaScript, which is

  • Guide To AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and Using The XMLHttpRequest API

    In this guide, you'll learn about AJAX, and more specifically how to implement an AJAX technique using XMLHttpRequest. AJAX a.k.a Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is not necessarily a technology or a tool, it is merely a technique that describes the p

  • Using The Fetch API

    The Fetch API is the modern version of the XMLHttpRequest that is used to fetch resources or to make A(Asynchronous)JAX call. The concept of the Fetch API is not too different from XHR, except that i

  • Building Dependency Injection and The Container from Scratch in PHP

    In this guide, you'll learn about dependency injection and a way to build a simple DIC (Dependency Injection Container) in PHP using PSR-11 from scratch. First, What is an Ordinary Dependency? This

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  • MySQL and MariaDB

    MySQL or MariaDB are one of the most popular open-source relational databases that give you the ability to create one or more database tables, each of which contains records or rows, on this page, you